Top Secrets Of Profitable Email List

Building a good email list of customers or partners forms is the integral part of doing business in long term. All websites cannot make it to the top of search results of major search engines. Building a mailing list of interested customers can evade many of the ill effects of not getting to the top of search listings. With a little effort you can collect the email addresses of potential customers. But to build a good mailing list, you need to give something before you get the email addresses. You can offer free tips related to the products you sell or careful advices regarding the service you give. Offering a free e-book with useful information is also a good method of building a business mailing list.

With the stringent laws to fight the big enemy called spam, business houses need to take extreme care that the emails they send out don’t fall to the category of spam mails. You need to implement good measures for careful email list management. With each email you send out, you need to provide an ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘opt out’ option. This is mandatory by the rule of the land.

Managing a business mailing list is always going to be a tough task. Updating, omissions, categorization of the list is necessary. While building an email list or mailing list, the categorization based on location, products and the income stream of the potential customers is important. New enterprises always take time to develop a profitable mailing list.

While maintaining a mailing list, it is always necessary to send only targeted mails according to the preferences and interests of the receivers. If you use the mailing list only to promote your products, chances are higher that the receivers will opt out of your business mailing list. Mailing list management is also about sending out useful tips and information that is important for the receiver.

Building a long mailing list from which you can reap profits is a time consuming task. You need to do some search engine optimization works so that your website appears before the interested users while they make a search. Give a solid reason for the visitors to sign up for the periodic newsletter. Make the suggestion that you regularly come up with useful suggestions, tips and techniques related to their field of interest.
The spending capacity of the individuals, geographic location, preferences of making online purchases etc need to be assessed to gauge the efficiency of your mailing list.

Giving enough stress to building a strong email list through which you can promote your products or affiliate products somehow minimizes your dependency on costly pay per click advertising to attract traffic to your site. All the receivers may not make a purchase every time you send out an offer. You can also go without a minimum number of sales if you a strong mailing list of qualified customers.

The Evolution of Blog and Bloggers

Ever since the introduction of blog development tools like Blogger, Pitas etc. in 1999, the personal publication tool weblog or simply has undergone many transformations. In the infant stages, till 2001, blogs were viewed as personal publishing platform where one can post his or her experiences, complaints, happy moments and pet peeves. Since it world business community has identified the potential of blogs to harness as a powerful marketing tool. Today blogs don’t confine to letters and words. You can find photo blogs (where one can publish photos), audio blogs, also called radio blogs where users can download and listen to audio messages or music and video blogs or vlogs where video files are published.

Majority of blogger platforms today allows users to publish syndication feeds (RSS or Atom). The feeds are especially helpful for ardent blog readers to keep in touch with the latest updates of a blog – be it anything photo blogs, radio blogs or video blogs, the user can get the latest content via a desktop based feed reader or a web based feed reader like Google Reader.

There is an estimated 35 million blogs worldwide and the number is fast increasing. The main reason people becoming bloggers is that they need little knowledge about HTML or any software. They can publish to the photo blogs or radio blogs (audio blogs) via a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. The blog platform will do all the necessary background actions.

The taking over of Blogger ( by Google is the biggest turning point in blogging. allows bloggers to not only publish their posts, but also allows them to publish their own ads, to experiment with the template. Ads by the supported platform is absent in blogger blogs. Typepad is another blog platform that individuals and companies use.

Companies see blogs as excellent method of attracting and retaining visitors. Google blogs are the biggest example of corporate blogging. Each and every updating about the company is published in department blogs and the subscribers of news feeds can see the updates as and when it occurs.

There are many attempts to cash in on the enthusiasm of bloggers. Almost all companies now promote affiliate marketing through blogs and blog advertising is fast picking up. Bloggers make use of the pinging service by technorati, blogot etc. Pinging service tell search engines that new content is available at the blog. Pinging and newfeeds keeps the search engines busy visiting the blog.

Bloggers that publish text blogs, photo blogs, radio blogs or audio blogs and video blogs enjoy the democratic nature of the blogs. There are no editorial content and interaction with the readers is too easy because of the comment feature. Blogging has emerged here to stay. And it will be medium through which companies sell their products and services in the future.

How To Get Quality Backlinks To Your Website

There are some good ways how to get quality backlinks to your website. These backlinks can help you to rank higher in search engines.

1. Post to the forums and set up links to your website in the signature.

2. Write articles and submit them to the article directories. In the "about the author" box put link to your website.

3. Exchange links with other webmasters.

4. Comment related weblogs.

Earn lifetime commissions with affiliate programs

There are a few affiliate programs which offer lifetime commissions. It means that you place link on your website and if somebody follows this link and purchase product/service which you promote you will get paid. But not only once - you will receive commissions as long as the reffered clients will use the service. This way you can build solid residual income.

Here is the list of the companies offering lifetime commissions:
Get Response
Hyper Tracker
Marketing Tips
Web Wizards
Article Marketer
Refer Forex
Goldbar Affiliate Programs

If you know any other affiliate program offering lifetime commission please use the comment option to let me know and I will add it to the list.

Globat x BlueHost x MarbleHost comparison

I have many websites and in past years I used 3 web hosts:, and With all of them I was at least one year so I can compare them.
Globat was my first web host. They offered amazing disk space and because my first website was photo album I signed up for Globat. First three months there was no problem. But then my site was very often down. A few months later my site was down for 2 weeks. I contacted support 3 times by they was not answering so I switched to Bluehost.
BlueHost was a little better then Globat. If I needed support they answered in 24 hours. Good hosting for those who need PHP, MySQL and average uptime. The reason why I switched to MarbleHost after 3 years with BlueHost was very slow page loading - usually it took about 30 seconds to load a static page.
I am over one year with MarbleHost and I am excited so far (I hope I will not need to switch again... who knows). There are no downtimes and my site loads very quickly. When I need to help support answers in 10 - 20 minutes. I signed up for their Enterprise plan which is not the cheapest but it seems it is worth it. If I will get any experience with another web host in the --future I will post it here.

Free search engine ranking checker

If your website is #1 or #2 in google for particular keyword it is easy to check its position - you go to, type the keyword and see the result. But how to check the rank if you are number 50, 100, 200... ?

Of course you can use google again and check the result pages as long as you will not find your website. But there is another solution how to make it quickly - free search engine ranking checker. You can easily type your keywords and domain name to the form and the ranking checker will tell you the rank in seconds. can find the rank not only in Google but also in Yahoo! and Msn. To use this free service you will need API Key (you can get API Key for free, it requires only quick registration).

Banner exchange with multiple banner sizes

It seems banner advertising is not very popular in these days. The clickrate is extremely low so banners are mostly used for branding effect. However branding is regular part of marketing and if you want to try banner advertising you should consider to participate in some banner exchange.

How banner exchanges work? Simply - your will put banner on your website and for every banner you display you will get credits. Then you will upload your banner to the system. Your banner will be shown on other members websites and you will "pay" using your credits.

Most banner networks offer only 468 * 60 banner exchange. It is fine but more banner sizes is better. I personally use They offer multiple banner sizes - 468 * 60, 120 * 60, 120 * 600, 125 * 125, 250 * 250 and 88 * 31. What I really like is the fact that they have many members so if I display banners on high traffic page there is enough advertising space for my own banners.

Top Secrets Of Profitable Email List

Building a good email list of customers or partners forms is the integral part of doing business in long term. All websites cannot make i...